Hellenic Drones  focuses on innovative commercial services and applications for the aerial surveying, recording and analysis of data based on the use of drones. Specifically, Hellenic Drones undertakes the design and manufacturing of unmanned aerial systems depending on the requirements and requests of each client. It also offers integrated solutions and services for the mapping of both large and small areas, precision agriculture applications, 3D surveying of industrial sites/ mines,  the surveillance of wind turbines, cellular phone masts and electricity pylons. These flights are carried out by planes and copters designed by Hellenic drones and equipped with the latest-technology thermal, optical cameras as well as laser scanners.


At the Hellenic Drones facilities, there is a fully equipped workshop with 3D printers, CNC machines and a 6-stage production line for the design, production and equipping of unmanned aerial platforms, as well as a highly advanced cutting-edge electronic digital infrastructure for data processing and analysis. More than 70% of the company’s annual turnover comes from the design & assembly of specialized equipment for academia, research institutes and government. Therefore, Hellenic Drones brings to oenolytics the needed competence and expertise in the design, modelling, manufacturing, integration and evaluation of unmanned aerial vehicles.  The Hellenic Drone team has many years of experience in the UAV industry, Environmental monitoring, Remote sensing, GIS and Mineral resources.