The first academy for Drone pilots

in Athens and Crete is a reality!

Hellenic Drones since July 2017, is a modern academy of unmanned aircraft

Our goal is to  provide high level education skills for drone pilots and drone instructors (UAV)  from  highly skilled UAV instructors, with a professional foundation  and  the highest quality of aviation education.

The aim  of our academic  center  is, on the one hand,  to  engage persons that are not familiar with the aviation environment  and, on the other hand, to remind persons that have  an aviation background  to not underestimate the unmanned aircraft environment and to maintain their academic background as they already have in the manned aviation.

Hellenic Drones faces with responsibility, sensitivity and provides concrete solutions in the areas of ethics, personal data, legality and safety that arise.

Our staff consists of:

  • Academic education of Bachelors, Masters and PhD levels.
  • Graduates of “Aviation Academy”.
  • Experience in Civilian Aviation and Military Aviation in manned and unmanned aircraft.
  • Experience as UAV instructor abroad (UK).
  • Deep subject knowledge and superb transmissibility skills.
  • Disciplined character that carry out even the most difficult tasks.


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