During the duration of the program the drone pilot will carry out theoretical  and practical training in the operation of sensors, study  meteorology  and understand the usage of logistic analytics of the data.



  • Fundamentals of sensor operations RGB IR (INFRARED), NIR (NEAR INFRA-RED), THERMAL, MULTISPECTRUM



–  Study of area micro-climate

– Meteorology data and analysis in order  to execute flight plan

– “Influence”  weather conditions  during the operation of the sensors used



– Available software in the market

– Measuring Vegetation (NDVI & EVI ) – NASA Earth Observatory

– Vari  vegetation index

– Usage of 2D/3D orthophotos/maps/  orthomosaic, texture models, contour  lines,  etc.

– Scouting, monitoring , plant health

– Link to plant disease library



  1. UAV license in respective category
  2. At least 30 hours flight experience
  3. Clear record of flight accidents


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