In an effort to incorporate the UAVs in  maintaining public safety, Hellenic Drones provides a training program that includes:

  • Legislation for data privacy, security surveillance of public premises –   National  Regulation of Industrial Security
  • Fundamentals of surveillance systems/ public security (CCTVs)
  • Utilization / incorporation / coordination of video equipment (Thermal  Imaging, 4K etc.) and transmission of UAV data  to the corresponding surveillance systems/public security
  • Definition of Requirements for Coverage of Sensitive / Secure Areas
  • Intruder Detection / Recognition / Position Awareness procedures – Situation Awareness
  • Procedures to avoid damaging / Interfering Frequencies from intruders / Malicious Actions



  1. UAV license in respective category
  2. At least 30 hours flight experience
  3. Clear record of flight accidents


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