An innovative tool for live drone image transmission.


ARTEMIS M.01 LIVESTREAM, is a state-of-the-art peripheral tool that transmits  real-time video and image content of the drone’s view.

Using this device enables the drone operator to emit images at multiple points and positions of the institution- company, through network LAN/WAN at its disposal or/and by using mobile phone networks 3/4/5G.

What differentiates ARTEMIS LIVESTREAM, is the ability of image transmission through 3G/4G/5G network with an extra capability of adding a bonding SIM for a continuous and qualitative service.

Data transmission safety net

  • ARTEMIS M.01 LIVESTREAM, meets all security provisions for the protection of the IP networks to which interconnects.

  • ARTEMIS LIVESTREAM aims to provide image from the drone’s camera in IP architecture, without the use of any social platform or cloud and in a private fully secured environment.

  • The drone is interconnected to ARTEMIS wireless network and the device is interconected to the company's network, aiming to the image projection to remoted users.

  • Both networks are fully isolated and secured.

Machine Vision

Artemis M.01 Livestream offers an important service while providing instant, real – time footage from the drone controller to any other network, it can also perform object detection and identification. It has the ability to collect data and classify it, thanks to special software and A.I – based algorithms integrated in the device, which allow the drone to detect people or objects (any kind, however big or small). The user can also create a scenario with “commands”, based on the data collected. In other words, there will be a full image and a description / title of each object that the drone’s eye catches.