Fast & Accurate Radiation Surveying Without Human Exposure.

The Elios 2 RAD offers indoor remote radiation detection that allows you to measure and map radiation anywhere inside your nuclear station safely from the most convenient areas.

  • Identify, Locate, and Monitor Radiological Dose Fields

    Quickly deploy Elios 2 RAD from a convenient area to better understand radiological conditions.

  • Estimate Total Dose to Empower Dose Planning Decision-Making

    When planning interventions, estimate the total dose workers would be exposed to and identify hot-spots to minimize human exposure.

  • Reach Higher Safety Standards

    Evaluate how much personnel dose exposure was avoided over time by leveraging Elios 2 RAD’s cumulative dose measurement.


The ability to calibrate the dosimeter is essential to gathering actionable data. To calibrate the sensor, plug it into a computer using a USB cable and place the sensor in your calibration device. The software displays the dose read by the dosimeter, and this reading can be edited to the appropriate dose in order to calibrate the sensor.

In-flight Dose and Dose Rate Reading / Sensor Management

The dose and dose rate are displayed as a live measurement on the piloting application with a sampling rate of 2 seconds. A histogram from the last minute of measurement is also available with an indication of the maximum threshold.
Select between Rem and Sv units, get the instantaneous reading of the sensor, the cumulative dose for the flight, and the lifetime cumulative dose.

Radiation Localization and Mapping

Plot the trajectory of the UAV in a 3D map with colorization tied to the dose rate measurement. Overlaying the trajectory gives you the local radiation reading.
Replay your flight with the dose and dose rate measurement displayed synchronously along and on top of the video.