Hellenic drones in collaboration with CANARD performs the first demonstration PAPI drone inspection in Thessaloniki “Makedonia” airport, Greece.

Hellenic drones performs PAPI drone inspection

On May 12th, Hellenic Drones successfully carried out the first PAPI drone inspection in Greece, following the request of Fraport Greece to operate at Thessaloniki “Makedonia” Airport. The operation included the inspection of the PAPI systems of header 16.

As soon as the operation was over, the report with the results were presented to Fraport Greece. The measurements taken from the PAPI inspection were consistent with the official results obtained in the inspection carried out a few weeks earlier.

All the necessary documentation was obtained and specific coordination was successfully managed in order to fly at the airport. To provide a high-quality service, Hellenic Drones’ pilots received the specific training and were supervised by CANARD experts before and during the operation.