Many persons and industries are interested in doing work with drones, but do not know where to start.  Public organizations  (fire departments, environmental protection organizations, etc.) that wish to incorporate drones in their operations, come across issues such as personal privacy matters.  Laws and regulations with regard to UAVs  are complicated.

Aside from the standard regulations developed by the HCAA and EASA, there are

quite a  few other legal issues with regard to operation of UAVs.   Furthermore,  countries are now in the process of voting for legislation with reference to the commercial use of UAVs,  governmental  UAV aircraft  and aircraft hobby/models.

The legal services of Hellenic Drones concentrates on the laws and regulations of UAVs,  one of the ground stones  of the company, so as to provide it’s customers with high quality legal support.   We assist many customers in receiving approval from the HCAA for  UAV use in commercial companies, also providing  relative HCAA and EASA  current instructions for UAVs and other useful information relative to Drones.