Percepto Air

The most deployed drone-in-a-box solutions on the market


Percepto Air Mobile

  • Sturdy, light and flexible
  • Easy setup across multiple locations
  • 16MP RGB and radiometric thermal cameras

    The newest Percepto Air drone, designed for inspections, maintenance, security and industrial operations calling for mobility, flexibility and resource-sharing.
  • Percepto Air Max

  • Customizable, top-grade payload
  • The only drone-in-a-box with an OGI camera add-on
  • 24MP RGB and radiometric thermal cameras

    The next-gen Sparrow designed for inspecting and mapping the most complex industrial environments, where highest-accuracy and durability are key.
  • Percepto Air Max OGI

    Autonomous, end-to-end gas detection solution. The only drone-in-a-box with an integrated OGI (Optical Gas Imaging) camera.

    The most advanced autonomous drones, equipped with RGB and thermal cameras, ASTM compliant parachute and integrated into AIM software solution

    Designed with industrial and enterprise needs in mind, Percepto’s multi-mission drone-in-a-box solutions are the safest and most advanced on the market.

    • Fully autonomous cycle

      Percepto Air drones operate autonomously based on scheduled missions or on-demand triggers, for routine tasks and emergency response, without human intervention.

    • The most ruggedized solution

      Percepto’s drone-in-a-box solutions operate day and night, capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, winds, heavy rain, snow and more, making it the most ruggedized drone-in-the-box portfolio on the market.

    • Remote operations over secure cellular network

      Operating over 4G and 5G networks, Percepto’s drones can be managed remotely with live aerial footage monitored from anywhere in the world.

    • Advanced safety features

      Percepto Air drones are equipped with an integral parachute, and make autonomous flight decisions in the event of low battery, GPS and more – upholding Percepto’s and world regulators’ safety standards.

    • Insight automation

      Powered by computer vision and AI, Percepto Air drones provide valuable aerial visual insights in real time and post mission to help you optimize your security and business operations, while reducing risks and operational costs.