Protect Your Assets From The Threat Of Drones

Advance your security measures today to deal with the drone threats of tomorrow.


Detect and classify malicious drones in your surrounding airspace


Receive real-time drone identification information for evidential purposes


Actively track the location of drone and their pilots in real-time


Successfully mitigate the drone threat with countermeasures

Defeat & Mitigate

  • M.A.D.S™ drone disruptor
  • Fixed and portable M.A.D.S™ drone mitigation system available
  • Selectable momentary disruption duration from 30s
  • Initiates drone built in safety protocol
  • Selectable operation frequency bands
  • Long-range disruption ability
  • Forces drone to return to sender

Detect & Identify

  • Detect and identify threats with 5km
  • Identify exact location of operator
  • Monitor GPS position and flight path
  • Modular system allowing easy add-ons
  • View historical drone detection data