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Oil & Gas Drone Applications

Performing the visual inspection of chimney / smokestack, offshore rigs, FPSOS, drilling ships, storage tanks, refinery, jetty, asset decommissioning and rehabilitation.

Indoor Drones In Mining

Collecting visuals of open stope, drope raise, conveyor belt, ball, grinding mill, crusher and stockpile feeder.

Indoor Drones In Chemicals

Inspecting fibeglass, storage tanks, suction ducks, heat storage silos and bins, fermenter tanks, pressure vessels / storage tanks, heat exchangers, pipe back, cables, conduits

Indoor Drones In Power Generation

Visually inspecting coal fire boilers, nuclear power plants, heat recovery steam generator, waste incinerator, wind turbines, hydropower plant, transformers, asset commissioning, pulp and paper mill, recovery boiler.

Indoor Drones In Maritimes Industry

Providing close app surveys of cargo hold, engine rooms, ballast / fuel tanks for ships and FPSOs

Indoor Drones In Other Industies

Providing visuals of sewer bridges, steel mill, port crane / ship to shore crane, jet engine test bed, factory ceiling.