As Hellenic Drones is an innovative UAV company, it must confront the challenges of the future and on the other hand, must be ready to take action and take advantage of the opportunities, especially of new technologies.

One of the major Hellenic Drones activities is it’s new investments using self-funding, and public / European programs funding for research, innovation and technological development.

Hellenic Drones having highly qualified and successful professional personnel, has developed the Research  & Development Service  (R &D) with the main goal the development of technology, innovation and the “consolidation of extrovert policy».

Our goal  is  the  research  growth to assist the company in :

  • Development of new technologies that will enable to the company to grow
  • Improve the services provided through new technologies
  • Develop and provide new  services so as to benefit the public and industries
  • Utilization of tools and methodologies deriving from innovative methods
  • Reduction of the operational cost ( i.e. through automated systems)
  • Improvement of the research center (i.e. expansion of the existing experimental projects)
  • Using Hellenic Drones results from the various research projects to expand the company’s technical knowledge.

Hellenic Drones expands in the Research & Development area as it is one of the most important sectors in technological and innovative growth for the company.