Drone Team Building


Do you want to empower and make your working team more productive and creative?

Look no further! Hellenic drones can offer you a drone team building day. Let’s get to know each other better, learn about drones, build drones, fly and play games.

Create great memories with your colleagues and construct bonding relationships.

At the end of the day we will create a photo album, give special gifts and awards to every team member so that they can look back and cherish the moment.

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Drone Build

Learn about how a drone works, have a hands on experience and build your own drone!

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Drone Racing

Have you heard of drone racing before? Let's team up and build a racetrack! We will set points for each obstacle and give roles to the team members. Let the best drone win!

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Drone Games

Empower your team and make your team members bond with each other. Learn to fly a drone and play fun and interactive games!