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Theoretical Training

A2 EASA Course (English)

*Minimum requirements A1-A3 EASA certificate holder

This course covers the EASA A2 category syllabus. This legally allows a remote pilot with a drone weighing 500 grams to 2 kg to fly just 50 meters from "non-involved persons" or as close as 30 meters to those using EU C2 aircraft.......

A1 - A3 EASA Course (English)

This course covers the training of a pilot wishing to fly in the EU Open Category A1 & A3 subcategory. Fly for fun, commercial or other aerial purposes. Obtain the A1 / A3 course completion certificate.This lesson is a series of short videos describing the Do and Do Nots of the EU Regulation on the requirements of the Open subcategories A1 & A3.....

Practical Training


Practical Training EASA

Ready for take off?
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