The UAV area has an increasing demand. Europe is expected to be one of the fastest growing continents in this area and hence there will be a demand for training centers as well as qualified UAV personnel.


  1. Valid Certified UAS holder
  2. At least 80 hours of flight experience
  3. At least a level 4 ICAO English certificate
  4. A valid Medical Class 3
  5. No flight accident

Theoretical training

Teaching methodology and social psychology and how it is applied to UAV usage (maneuvers, emergency maneuvers, technical knowledge of the aircraft, danger analysis, flight safety, UAV legislation).

Practical Flight Training

Basics to teaching methods of UAVs

(including basic maneuvers, synchronized maneuvers, emergency maneuvers, emphasis on frequent UAV errors and how to bring the UAV back to a safe zone.

Final Examination

Upon completion of the course, the pilots will be asked to demonstrate their capabilities to an examiner.

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