Drone-based solutions for NAVAID and airport inspections for both civil and military airfields


ILS Inspection

PAPI Calibration

ALS Inspection

ILS Inspection


Obstacle Control

Highest-quality drones and customized software

CANARD has relied on the largest drone manufacturer in the world, DJI. The drones not only have the highest quality and latest technology, but also great safety measures which guarantee the proper operation execution.
The Web Platform is a tool that helps with mission planning, asset management and data & reports generation. Creating an inspection operation is very easy thanks to our airports, runways, NAVAIDs and systems database. All information is available in a simple and organized interface.
A Calibration tool App has been designed to enhance effectiveness throughout the whole operation cycle. An integrated, smart and user-friendly interface allows anyone to perform automatically any operation while also displaying real-time data.  All procedures are designed according to ICAO and FAA standards and have been validated by CAAs across the globe.