Autonomous Solutions for Intralogistics

inventAIRy® XL

The innovative drone based solution for automized inventory and stock data control in your pallet rack storage.
It uses a drone with sensors for data acquisition, a ground robot for autonomous navigation and a variety of intelligent algorithms to make the data usable. inventAIRy® XL enables precise localization and fully automated recording of the entire warehouse.

summAIRy. ceiling

summAIRy. ceiling is your autonomous inventory management solution for indoor block storage warehouses.
No drone pilot or operator is needed. You simply define the time slots in which your inventory is supposed to be recorded and the results are automatically transferred to your system or sent to you by e-mail.

summAIRy. sky

You can count, measure and locate goods and materials that are stored outside in block storage areas. And all this without having to attach markers, barcodes or other identification features since summAIRy® is able to do all this purely on the basis of image data that is recorded completely autonomously by standardized industrial drones.


Automatically through the air from A to B.
In order to enable a save transport of samples, urgently needed (spare) parts and other goods through the air. Powerful drones, integrated flight planning, automated pickup and delivery, automated approach of relevant sources and sinks as well as a link to your ERP software or WMS.