The Company

Hellenic Drones is a pioneer in the development of machine learning software aiming at creating technology for autonomous UAV flights.

Our primary interest is to lead the evolution of the autonomous aircraft space, offering innovative solutions that meet the needs of the modern era. In addition, Hellenic Drones offers professional high quality aerial imaging services, enabling inspections of industrial facilities and infrastructures.

Using advanced UAV technology, we perform both outdoor and indoor imaging, as well as underwater imaging to fully meet your needs. Our company has established itself as the leading UAV operator training company, offering specialized training for open and special category licensing.

We support professionals seeking to acquire the skills necessary to operate UAVs, ensuring that their training is up-to-date and fully adapted to the latest technological developments.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Hellenic Drones, in scope of the company’s policy, incorporates activities targeting:

  • ▶ Upgrading the quality of life
  • ▶ Volunteering
  • ▶ Equal employment opportunities
  • ▶ Free of charge drone lessons to socially vulnerable persons


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Hellenic Drones scholarships to University of Pireaus students.

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Volunteer of Services in "Action In Greece".

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We managed to make a child's wish come true.